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                                                       100 Remembrance Bedzz for 100 years

                                                              A commemoration programme for centenary of WW1


We invite all Communities / Adult and Child groups / Care homes / County, Town and Parish Councils, Business and individuals to partake and join in the programme, our goal is for 100 bedzz to be completed by 11/11/2018, this is a NATIONWIDE programme, you could be a Garden Centre, Cub / Scout group, Village matter how small or large


Forward 4 photos of your bedzz programme and we will add below, please include a POST CODE to or call 07898637810

Halton Roundel Halton 001c-100 Halton 001b-100 Halton 001a-100 RAF with Brian RAF opening RAF opening 3 Remembrance Bedzz banner v2 to use