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We can solve all of your pest infestation issues often in an environmentally friendly way. We deal with all insect and rodent problems even in unlikely areas, such as Lift Shafts and Ceiling Voids, being Lift trained and Asbestos compliant, with certified face fit masks and PPE, your issues are our solutions. Call us on 01296 770 214 for more help.

All pest issues resolved effectively

There's so much more to Bees Knees

With our approach to pest control there are so many other ways that you could use our services. Find out about our wasp and bees service, our rodents service and our insect service by clicking through.

CRRU code of conduct

Family run since 1989

We always follow the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) to ensure minimal exposure to wildlife and family pets.

Established in 1989 and still family run, we bring a considerate approach to your pest problems.

Free advice on how to progress all pest control problems

Phone: 01296 770 214

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Service Contracts


Roll-over Monthly/bi-monthly servicing, full servicing including relevant documentation and certification complying with EHO requirements, we work WITH you on an advisory and administration compliance procedures. from just £10 per week. Call 01296 770214 for a free visit