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This service is provided mainly to/via local authority for clients who require assistance in their personal domain to ensure they are living in a safe/healthy environment. This includes disabled/special needs, elderly/infirm, or those who have just let things get a bit on top of them. Full house or part cleaning, includes human mess, animal, clutter etc.

Critical and sensitive


Lift support services

Support to lift industry or survey teams for safe lift shaft/motor room/pit access, MSC Ltd carry out, pump outs of contaminants (water/oil), hypodermic needle removal, pit/shaft cleaning and painting, motor room repairs/doors/furniture/lighting/debris, shaft/pit/motor inspections for asbestos, 2nd man service ensuring safety of 3rd party attending for viewing shaft areas.

Cleaning/degreasing/preparation of walls, floors, ceiling of boiler and plant rooms, then decorated with appropriate paints to enhance and prolong.

Commercial cleaning and decoration

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