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Rodents, especially rats, can carry diseases that are harmful to people. Use our experienced service to assess the extent of your rodent infestation and then identify the best way of dealing with it.

Dealing with rodents

Our competitive pricing is the best in the area

As well as offering free advice, on site or over the phone, about dealing with your rodent infestation; we also offer very competitive prices in the market. Click here to find out about dealing with bees and wasps and insects.

Rats and mice love compost heaps and rubbish

Moles and squirrels cause damage but don't present a risk to health

Rats and mice are a growing problem as we provide them with lots of free food and warm places to live. They are also major health risks.

Trapping is often enough to solve mole or squirrels issues. Sometimes gassing is necessary, although traps will often be the initial method.

CCRU code of conduct controls how we use poisons

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