Bumblebee fun facts

  1. Bumblebee have smelly feet, they leave a scent on a flower when they visit them, so other bees know the pollen or nectar has been taken from that flower
  2. There are over 250 different types of Bumblebee in the world, 26 different types live in the UK
  3. Bumblebee make honey, they store it in little wax honey pots in their nest, they don’t make honey for us humans, only enough for their own family
  4. Badgers love eating Bumblebee wax, honey and grubs (baby bumbles)
  5. Bumblebee need to be warmup to fly, their wing muscles must get to 86degree before that can fly
  6. They can fly up to 11miles and hour
  7. Bumblebee love sugar water, if you find one walking on the floor you can give it a little drink, sugar water is a mixture of ordinary sugar and water, preferably on a tea spoon
  8. Male bees die after mating with a queen
  9. A cuckoo Bumblebee, like the Cuckoo bird lays its eggs in other bumblebee nests for them to bring up
  10. Bumblebee do NOT die if they sting, unless you squidge them, and we DON’T squidge bumblebee, their stinger is like a sowing needle and goes straight in and out, a honey bee stinger has BARBS like a hook and gets stuck in your skin……..YOU MUST TELL AN ADULT IF YOU GET STUNG BY EITHER, as some people can suffer a very bad reaction to stings
  11. Bumblebee do NOT like vibration, so if you see bumblebee going underground there is probably a nest, so DON’T jump up and down or bounce a ball, as the Bumblebee may think its under attack and come out to see what’s going on.
  12. Bumblebee LOVE blue and Purple plants, such as lavender and chives
  13. Bumblebee buzz/fly outside a nest to fan and cool on hot days.
  14. A queen Bumblebee can live for up to a year, yet their workers only live for about 4 weeks
  15. Bumblebee hibernate over the winter, this means they go into a long deep sleep, so they miss Halloween, Fireworks night, Father Christmas or even go to celebrate new year.
  16. After a good sleep the Bumblebee Queens first job is starts looking for food, they don’t brush their teeth as they do not have any, have a shower or even make their bed, they shiver and shake to get warm then start looking for Pollen and Nectar from early spring flowers.
  17. Only a Queen Bumblebee will hibernate and make a new nest, at the end of that nest season all the workers will die