Foster Parentzz scheme

Unfortunately some Bumblebee need to be homed, due to a variety of reasons, maybe the householder has an allergic reaction to stings, possibly just scared, young children or pets etc........

Bumblebee can and do habit in a variety of areas, under sheds, tumble dryer exhaust hose, bird boxes, even in hoover drum via the hose.

You too can now have the opportunity to be a Foster Parentzz, but can meet the requirements of the Bumblebee?

The Bumblebee homezz location needs to be at least 1 meter from the ground and not accessible by dogs or badgers, a level surface is preferred although a tree branch network maybe suitable if the colony re-homezz box can be xed safely and securely, maybe a garage or at extension roof.

Once you register as a Bumblebee Foster Parentzz, your contact details, such as Mobile Number and approx. Location, will be securely stored, accessable via a password to the approved Bee friendly pest provider in your location, when that operative needs to nd a homezz, they will contact you to ask if you are available to accept, only then should you provide full address for delivery.

What do you need to do when you receive your Bumblebee colony?

Not a lot really, Bumblebee don’t need taking for a walk, you don’t need to water or feed them, they are quite skilled at jumping fences to gain access to owers in the surrounding neighbourhood, you can plant lots of Blues and Purple plants, such as Lavender and Chives, as Bumblebee LOVE blue owers.

If you have children or grandchildren (or not), why not purchase some binoculars so you can watch the Bumblebee to and fro from the luxury of your armchair.

The colony will grow to a max of approx. 400, that may sound a lot, but wasps could be upto 6000 and honeybee 60,000, so 400 odd bumble dancing around the garden is nothing, a colony will last from 3-6 months, depending on how established the colony is on initial removal.

Bumblebee do NOT like vibration or being touched, so if you intend to mow the lawn, erect a new fence, bouncing a ball close to their domain, remember that VIBRATION travels, so they will come out to investigate and protect their homezz.

If you leave them alone they will leave you alone, personally I have had 13 colonies around my garden at one time, it was a bit like living at Heathrow, but watching the Bumblebee’s dancing and visiting all the owers was great fun.

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Please email if you wish to be removed from the Foster Parentzz database, stating your name and post code, we will forward a conformation after deleting all information.


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